• FullScream was commissioned to create idents for Sky Cinema Oscar, a film channel specialising in Oscar award-winning films. Our brief was to celebrate the artistic vision and craftsmanship of these films. We focused on the skill of film production, as well as the history of cinema. The viewer is carried on two journeys simultaneously: the making of a film, from story writing to special effects; and the history of cinema, from glorious wooden theatres shot through a monochrome lens, to the future of holographic space projections. A beautiful result which embodied why the films on Sky Cinema Oscar won the coveted statuettes.

  • Check out our latest motion madness made for Hollywood born/Italian based
    headphones’ brand V-MODA.
    Featuring dj and CEO Val Kolton.
    Creative direction: Fullscream
    Executive Producer: V-MODA Milano
    Director: Ced Pakusevskij / Fullscream
    Art Director: Elisabetta Giovi / Fullscream
    Photographer / DOP: Massimo Pisati
    3D: Csaba Polgar, Daniel Karconji
    Styling: Ellen Mirck
    Stylist assistant: Allegra Ghiloni
    Hair and Make-up: Mimmo Di Maggio
    Model: Andrea Leigh, Yuliana Korolkova
    Fashion design by: Alexey Davydenko,
    Cinzia Araia, Rogue by Ilaria Nistri,
    Rana Feghaly
    Producer: Marija Pavkovic
    Production: Salvatore Addezio
    Props Artist: Elisa Pescatore

  • FullScream scored at San Siro stadium!
    We were FullScreaming out loud our motion design videos on largest screen in EU (60 meter) and giving visual support to Italian pop superstar Jovanotti together with I Ragazzi Della Prateria and Gui Valente.

  • Working with mr. Stefano Gabbana personally for some intriguing shots in this promo and in-store video for the new perfume from DOLCE&GABBANA was a great honour. Campaign was shot by Terry Richardson with Scarlett Johansson as its face. Nice company indeed. The video unveiled the new fragrance on it’s premiere in La Rinascente, Milano. It is also featured in digital edition of VOGUE magazine.

  • FullScream worked with MTV World design studio to create a mind boggling 20 second intro to MTV Flash Prank, a hilarious and over the top show where anyone can be subject to an unexpected prank.

  • Crodinos campaign and production values have improved from season to season, however the logo had always stood unchanged. Fullscream was invited to rethink the logo animation for this iconic drink, adding something fresh and modern while being very patriotic to the heritage of the brand.

  • Fullscream was commissioned by Sky Uno Italy to refresh the brand identity of the most talked about reality show on TV, The X Factor. For the fifth series of this larger than life program, Fullscream created a series of promos and new logo animations, out of which is a significant part of the on-screen graphics were derived.

  • New video for Dolce&Gabbana premiere of SS13 eyeglasses collection is emerged in colorful dreamy bloossoms. We would have liked our design to have a fragrance, but even if it’s not possible yet we did our best to show the elegant and light feeling of new Dolce&Gabbana design extravagance.

  • Big thanks to Canadian band NADJA and frontman Aidan Baker for powerfull soundtrack! “Kitsune (Fox Drone)” by Nadja (Aidan Baker & Leah Buckareff) / Courtesy of Broken Spine Productions

  • Special Christmass edition of KIKO’s flagship products was the theme of this video. We mixed in extra amounts of glitter and strobe putting beauty products within their natural environment. Let the celebration begin.

  • Publicis called us to make new logo-animation for Coca-Cola BURN energy drink. We have set it on fire. Hey, don’t worry, logo is in fine health and will live long and prosper.

  • Bubbles inside, bubbles outside and bubbles beneath. Are they bubbles or light? Who cares. Bubbles are going crazy, they are travelling in flocks, they are having the time of their lives and they are building the bottle. We made this opener for Heineken International Conference in Amsterdam 2012.

  • Do you remember Christine? 80′s cult movie? “Seductive. Passionate. Possessive. Say hello to Christine…Your Girlfriend The Car”. Our Audi has mind on its own, but it is Seductive, Passionate and Elegant. It interacts with the environment and reshapes it like an contemporary architect.

  • SKY SPORT needed graphics package for the new season of international football. The package covers 5 major international football championships and qualifications for world cup.

    Dedicated to Dolce Bag

    Directed by: CED PAKUSEVSKIJ
    Art direction: ELISABETTA GIOVI

    Director of photography / Still Life Shots:

  • We joined forces with Publicis/Rome on the promo campaign for the launch of cool new electro-mobile Renault Twizy. Logo animation for “Energizing days” event, and print campaign illustrations for the italian market was our part of the job, which we did in very tight  deadlines and with energy. 

  • Breil wanted to refresh buzz around their legendary HIP HOP collection of watches and jewelry from 1984. With the help of electronics we transformed old school xylophone into a multimedia device that visualises music in a surprising way with every note played.

  • Just when everyone is getting ready to put their feet up. We were busy creating a new indent for Skys Christmas movie program. That’s because TV channels usually keep their best movies for Xmas hols (you know, X-man and stuff).

  • Continuing its successful relationship with Sky Cinema Italy, Fullscream created a whole series of openers, bumpers, stings and other onscreen elements for Skys latest offering Cinemaniaco.

  • What do you do when your clients says “this is going on TV after midnight, so don’t hold back”. You smile and head straight to the drawing board.

  • As the name suggests, MTV Pulse is a fast paced adrenaline filled music brand for todays text messaging teens. 3 months later, Fullscream produced a fresh brand image, including bumpers, openers and logos.

  • Taking its inspiration from the mosh pit, the MTV World Stage rips up a bang when flight cases from outer space storm to earth with the energy and sound one would expect from a climate changing meteorite.
    But when the planet is turned into a huge speaker, the entire population comes together in the front row, ready to head bang to some rocking beats.

  • 30 second opener for the reality TV Black Box. A weekly show where a regular Joe reveals their deepest secrets and in turn gets their 15 minutes of fame to become the next big reality TV star. What some people will do for fame hey.

  • Organizers of “Art explosion” biennial art event that takes place in Napoli (IT), gave us pretty much of creative freedom with this one. Picturesque city-scapes, ancient archeological sites as well as visual identity created by our dear colleague Elisabetta Giovi were inspiring setup upon which we built several layers of abstraction.

  • When MAX magazine approached our creative director Ced, Toki Doki, No curves and 4 other well known industry artists to make an interpretation of their logo,

  • MTV EMAs Print Campaign

    At the same time every year the world eagerly awaits for the MTV European Music Awards to find out who’s hot and who’s not on the european and world music scene.