• DJ Pandaj CD cover

    When we were approached by Dj Pandaj asking for a design for an upcoming release “Destination Unknown” we jumped at it. Taking inspiration from his music, which has been described as an evolution
    between electronica,

  • Ever wondered who does those extra large projections behind the catwalks in Milan, London, Paris and New York? Milan based GO LAB agency commissioned Fullscream to produce just such a video.

  • Inside every mobile shop, you will find a screen with a video on a loop begging you to sign up to a new service. And in Vodafone stores across London, it’s no different.

  • The one stop shop covering topics from Celebrity gossip and extreme sports to popular cinema. A popular opener for MTV Access Direct, France.

  • This was a show opener for Gravity 0 show on MTV Portugal. The idea was to reflect the feeling of 0 gravity, and not much more :)