1992 - Sky Atlantic - Italian Crime Thriller Logo

FullScream creates logo for Sky Atlantic’s “1992” Crime Thriller


FullScream has designed the logo for 1992, Sky Atlantic’s new TV crime thriller.

Hollywood Reporter described 1992 as,

…an explosive period in Italy’s struggle against political corruption known as Tangentopoli and the subsequent investigation called Clean Hands.  It’s a key moment for contemporary Italian society, similar in its impact to Watergate, and though it may not seem like the most international of topics, the series’ producers think otherwise.

Aired at the 2015 Berlin Film Festival, 1992 will be shown across all five of Sky’s key markets. FullScream was commissioned to create an animated logo that captured the essence of the time and show.

The New York Times wrote,

In Berlin, a new Italian drama was picked up by Britain and several other European countries. That show, “1992,” is a sexy drama centered on the bribery investigations of the 1990s that toppled members of Italy’s reigning political class and some of the top businessmen who paid them off. The main characters are fictional, but they work for and against real people like Antonio Di Pietro, the Milan magistrate who oversaw Operation Mani Pulite, or Clean Hands, as well as former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

For more information, get in touch with FullScream here.

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