FullScream, motion graphics agency, creates ident for Sky Atlantic

FullScream makes style frames for Sky Atlantic HD

Sky Atlantic HD invited FullScream, a motion design agency in London and Milan, to create some style frames for its new channel branding.

FullScream played on the name Sky Atlantic, creating ice blue motion graphics with liquid animations. The white crests of waves splash through bold 3D typography, reflecting in the moonlight against a starry sky.

FullScream, motion design agency London and Milan, Sky Atlantic HD

Waves curl over the spot light of a bright moon or setting sun while the water sparkles and transforms into the Sky Atlantic HD logo.

FullScream motion design agency London and Milan for Sky Atlantic HD

The wintery sea melds into the familiar Sky Atlantic HD branding with crests lapping at the top and shimmering light reflecting through the motion graphics design.

FullScream motion graphics agency London and Milan

Wave tops peak as if they were mountains, sighing across the midnight sky with watery haze reflecting the moonlight. Cinematic lens flare rips across the scene.


FullScream is a creative design and motion graphics agency in London and Milan. Specialising in TV channel branding, TV show openers, fashion films and creative design for brands, get in touch today for an appointment. Read our creative design thought catalogue for daily inspiration: Screams.

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