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FullScream’s Ljuba selected for Pictoplasma conference

FullScream’s creative designer Ljuba has been selected to show her character work at the Pictoplasma conference in Berlin and Mexico. The Pictoplasma project ‘has tirelessly hosted, encouraged and pushed forward a unique, playful and interdisciplinary investigation of the visual avant-garde and graphic arts in the digital age.’

A massive “wall of crazy”, longing to bring order to the overwhelming chaos of character narcism and trying to trace social connections between the diverse portraits will present Ljuba’s artwork as a unique photographic print.

More about the Pictoplasma Conference:

The annual Pictoplasma Berlin Conference is an incomparable experience: unconventional design and illustration lectures, forward looking animation film festival and surprising tour of numerous gallery exhibitions in one, it’s all about the playful exploration of contemporary characters in today’s global visual understanding.

Celebrating its 10th Berlin anniversary, the 2014 Conference awaits you for a dense line-up of 20+ inspiring artist lectures, 100+ state of the art animation screenings, hands-on jam sessions, numerous art happenings and all-night parties. This is your unique chance to learn from, be inspired by, and rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of today’s visual creation!

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